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Kris Gethin's VIP Coaching

Multiple times daily Kris Gethin gets numerous inquiries regarding online coaching via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and email. Many people are completely unaware that Kris runs a very exclusive, invite-only VIP coaching program because this is something he has never advertised and has always been in a position to choose his clientele.


It is extremely impactful on every level and can only be described as LIFE-CHANGING for those lucky enough to gain access to the program.


To gain access to Kris Gethin's "Inner Circle" where clients benefit from his online VIP coaching, you must complete an application process. Over 90% of people FAIL to get accepted on to this program because if it’s high exclusivity. If Kris feels you aren’t committed to succeed or you’re not the right fit, you don’t get accepted.  


If you are absolutely committed and serious about having Kris Gethin as your 1-2-1 online coach, to the extent you have his personal WhatsApp number for direct correspondence and Skype calls, you can request information immediately on


If you are not investment minded or completely committed, don't waste yours or Kris' time because as already mentioned, approximately 90% of people who want to join this program are rejected even though they're willing to pay. 


Kris is usually booked because he only takes on a minimal number of clients, however, openings do occur. 


This is about finding people who want to utilize Kris' unique skill-set as a qualified coach, bodybuilder, biohacker, endurance athlete and having direct access to him, as their personal trainer. 


Kris wants to change lives with this program on a very personal basis. If that is you, email Kris to receive more information on this highly exclusive VIP coaching program.

**There are no refunds on programs if you decide to stop or don't see them through**

Click below if you are serious and would like to learn more about Kris Gethin's VIP coaching

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