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  • 1) Once I sign-up, what do I do next?"
    Great question! Once you become a Health Kik member you will be emailed your login details. Go to, log in using the details provided and then spend a few minutes becoming familiar with the member's area. Here are a few pointers to help you out: 1. Select a program which suits your goals and then all you have to do is follow the guidance from there! 2. Spend some time watching Kris Gethin's 6-Month Comeback Documentary episodes, as well as the exercise library to ensure your form is correct. If in doubt, please don't hesitate to contact us for further help - we're a very friendly team who are here to serve you!
  • 2) Is this plan for me?
    We only want people to become a member if it is the right fit for them, let's quickly qualify those who should use the Health Kik platform. - You want to lose fat - You want to increase lean muscle mass - You want to increase your fitness - You want to improve your health - You are committed to achieving these results - You want to learn from the best experts in the world on transforming your life - You love the idea of winning some amazing prizes for your hard work! If this is you, Health Kik is the right fit.
  • 3) What if I don't have the right equipment in my gym?
    Every gym has slightly different equipment and we're empathetic of that so there is no need to concern yourself. If you don't have access to a piece of equipment using a similar exercise is completely acceptable. What is important is that you complete the set number of working sets, repetitions per set, using the prescribed rep tempo and rest periods.
  • 4) Does this plan work for vegetarians?
    Yes, the dietary schedule does have specific guidance for vegetarians. Kris spent many years in India coaching vegetarian celebrities and learned alot on vegetarianism. 62% of the Indian population are vegetarian.
  • 5) What results can I expect to see?
    Results are subjective to you but the biggest factor is the effort. As a memeber of Health Kik, if you follow the programs with consistency and effort the results will amaze you. Results vary based upon your consistancy, effot, diet, rest and recovery. What we can say is if you follow the program as designed inside 12 weeks people will be absolutely amazed by the way you look comparatively!
  • 6) What if I need help with something?
    Easy, just contact us and we'll respond within 48 hours!
  • 7) What are the live webinars about?
    The webinars are an opportunity for you to interact with Kris, ask questions and gain more knowledge. Kris will also allow you to ask him questions directly so you're able to experience something more personal and specific.
  • 8) Is this suitable for females as well?
    Absolutely! All of Kris' programs are designed for males and females.
  • 9) What if I don't know how to do an exercise?
    Check out our exercise database, if that exercise isn't there or you still need help, please reach out to our customer service team.
  • 10) What if I want to cancel my membership?
    Simple, just contact us and we will take care of this for you. This is completely transparent and there is no minimum term contract for monthly subscribers. If you pay for 12 months up front and want to cancel before that period is over, we do not refund that because you've benefitted from a discount to gain access.
  • 11) How long should I be a member for?
    Hopefully forever! The goal with Health Kik is to serve you every day, week and month with value. That's your workouts, diet plan, webinars, video exercise demonstrations and to also reward you with prizes. We also have a Health Kik Magazine which members will benefit from every month! With that said, this isn't about following a plan for 12 weeks alone. This is a community which is designed to educate you, support you and help you to continuously progress. Being a member should serve you for a very long time!
  • 12) What cardio equipment should I use on the Health Kik 12 Week Fat Loss Blast?
    Kris Gethin has listed the cross-trainer because most people have access to one in the gym and they provide a great full body cardiovascular workout. They are also nonweight bearing which means they're great for recovery. However, using power walking outdoors, or other cardio equipment is absolutely fine, keeping your heart rate at approximately 60% of its max.
  • 13) Online Coaching Cancellations
    **There are no refunds on programs if you decide to stop or don't see them through**
  • Doe The Membership Plans Auto-Renew?
    Yes, the monthly and yearly plans auto-renew until cancelled. Please note, a cancellation request must be submitted before your renewal date to enable cancellation within that period.
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