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You Won't Ever Forget This Workout!

High repetition training is something I am an avid preacher of, it has the ability to unlock new levels of potential in every physique (in my opinion)! Accelerating sarcoplasmic hypertrophy so there is more "cell swelling" within the muscle, helping stretch the fascia with blood volumization and stimulating slow twitch muscle fibers are all benefits of high rep training. You are using less weight as well, therefore, the joints generally suffer less trauma as a result! 


Test drive high rep training with this brutal arm workout, you will be incredibly pumped by the end. 


Superset X 3 Close Grip Bench Press & Incline EZ Bar Skull Crushers 20-25 repetitions per exercise 

Straight Bar Cable Pushdowns 3 X 25-30 repetitions 

Overhead Cable Extensions 3 X 25-30 repetitions 

Superset X 3 Seated Dumbbell Bilateral Curls & Drag Curls 20-25 repetitions per exercise 

Alternating Dumbbell Curls 3 X 25-30 repetitions 

Overhead EZ Bar Cable Curls 3 X 25-30 repetitions 


There are some rules to make this workout even more impactful:

1) Only allow yourself to rest 60 seconds between each set, keep the intensity high!


2) Use a 2-3 second count on every negative to increase time under tension!


3) Don't allow the burn to make you start using sloppy form, keep it tight!

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