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Which Training Split Gets The Best Results?

This is a question I get a lot, "which training split is the best to follow, Kris?" There are many ways you can structure your training, therefore I am inclined to say there are lots of ways which work very well. Instead, you should consider three key things when building your workout plan.


Although it is not always possible, I prefer to avoid having back and leg day together because they are the two most taxing workouts of the week. To help the body recover faster, I think considering variables like this matter. Also, consider if you have had a previous injury and therefore have an area which becomes more inflamed - that needs to be considered.



If you partake in something like mountain biking, swimming or soccer on the weekend you need to account for this with your programming. Leg training is an obvious consideration to factor enough recovery time in for. Perhaps your sport has a specific demand on a muscle group beyond legs which also needs considering.



Which muscle group is your weakest? Prioritize that for the time of the week where your energy levels and focus are at their highest! Lots of people leave their weakest muscle groups until Friday, this probably isn't a good idea - think about this and decide what area needs the most work on your physique. 

Kris Gethin

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