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Use Controlled Fasting The Correct Way

Controlled fasting is something I have really enjoyed myself in recent years as a means of augmenting gut health, autophagy and fat loss. It is a highly convenient eating system to utilize because of the low meal frequency pattern, making it perfect for times where I am traveling or extremely busy.

The word "controlled" is really relevant here because there is a multitude of fasting protocols, some prohibit the consumption of water or amino acids during the fast. My variation allows you to consume water and specific amino acids during the fasting window to preserve health, cognition, boost recovery, performance and manage hunger simultaneously.

Members of Health Kik should have downloaded the copy of my new fasting guide - it is available HERE. If you have not done that and you're a member of Health Kik, please get that done!

If you're not yet a member, I will give you 3 ways to utilize controlled fasting to maximize the impact!

#1 Raw Veggies: Break Your Fast The Right Way

My approach to fasting is strategic, it goes way beyond limiting food within certain windows of the day. When breaking my fast I will have a plate of raw vegetables, this provides the richest source of micronutrients which are absorbed efficiently in this state. After this, I will then consume cooked vegetables, then move on to a protein and healthy fat source.

#2 Utilize Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are a very important part of my controlled fasting protocol because by spending a long time in the preprandial phase (fasted state), your body will naturally resort to using stored fat as fuel. Consuming healthy, Omega 3 rich fats will also help the body become more efficient in using fat for fuel.

#3 Save Your Carbs 

My preference is to save carbohydrates for the post-workout window when using controlled fasting - doing this helps the body remain hypersensitive to carbohydrates, therefore they are used far more efficiently!

Learning how to use controlled fasting the right way requires a specific plan regarding macro quantities, along with the overall structure of the diet. This is why I have created the fasting guide for all Health Kik members. It is very comprehensive!

Kris Gethin 

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