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The Ultimate Solution To Skinny Calves!

Do you remember my story about nearly killing my cousin when training legs together? Although this next story didn't happen together, it is nearly as amusing and very relevant to people with skinny calves. There is nothing which makes somebody who lifts more self-conscious than wearing shorts with skinny calves poking out the bottom, with a heavily built torso - we have all seen this.

Years ago my cousin had trouble building his calves, he had a reasonable amount of muscle up top and even in his thighs, however, his calves looked more at home on a chicken than a bodybuilder. As you would expect, I frequently took the p*** out of him for this, then I sent him a workout to try.

Years on it is fair to say his calves have developed, largely because of this style of training I shared with him back then. However, after his first attempt at this workout, he had to walk around on tiptoes for the next 5 days! Let's see how you get on with this workout, I guarantee you will get results if you apply it correctly on a consistent basis.

Kris Gethin's Brutal Calf Workout

Isometric Pause Single Straight Legged Leg Press 3 X 15-20 reps per leg 

Standing Leg Press Toes Inwards 3 X 25-30 reps 

Standing Calf Raises Toes Outwards 3 X 25-30 reps 

Standing Calf Raises Triple Drop Set 3 X 15-20 reps per drop set 

Seated Calf Raises 3 X 50 repetitions 

Here are the rules to make this workout more impactful:

1) Only rest for 60 seconds between sets to get blood into the calves and crush the muscle fibers with intensity 

2) Don't allow yourself to bounce up and down at all, every rep must cause the calves to flex. 

3) Squeeze the calves at the top of the reps, make them bleed. 

Let me warn you now, this will burn so badly and the weight you use will be modest - that is fine, just push through it and get the work done!

Kris Gethin



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