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The Reality Check You Need To Finish 2019 Strong!

We are very good at bulls***ting ourselves when it comes to justifying inaction. There are so many reasons and excuses why things haven't quite gone to plan, and goals have been missed (yet again). It only feels like yesterday that it was 2018, yet here we are entering the final half of 2019 - are things going to plan for you right now? If they are and you're crushing your goals that is great news, stop reading now. If on the other hand you're not getting the results you want and it's a common theme in your life, keep reading.

There is a reason why you can't stay consistent and reach your desired outcome. You do not value your goals enough, nor do you want them desperately as you should. By failing to value something highly it means they get pushed to the bottom of the priority list when life gets in the way. You need to completely adjust how you view your health goals and the habits required to achieve them - they are something you are NOT willing to compromise on. 

Fundamentally this is the difference between people who are in better shape right now than in 2018, and those who said they would get there but have failed. All of the other details are of secondary importance because without having the ability to prioritize your goals, nothing else can help you.

If you are somebody who has failed to get in shape, but you feel you have tracked your food, done your cardio and trained hard there is only one explanation for this. The plan you're following is WRONG! The simple solution is to follow the Fat Blast program on Health Kik, CLICK HERE to get started.

Kris Gethin 

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