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Part 4: How I Dropped 10lbs in 10 Days...

One habit which I used regularly during my 10 day dieting phase to drop 10.6lbs was giving myself a "dry body brush." Otherwise sometimes known as "lymphatic drainage" this protocol can possibly help the body detox itself more effectively.


The idea is to stimulate the body to:

  • Help remove pathogenic organism

  • Help remove cell waste

  • Help remove environmental toxins 

I have found using a natural body brush on my skin helps stimulate the process. I personally like to do the whole abdomen area, going up to the lymph nodes in my neck. 


The theory is that due to the improved blood circulation around the body, along with heightened internal detoxification, the reduction in waste the body holds on to can help you appear leaner. This is partly because some of the subcutaneous fluid you hold on to can be caused by toxins - if they are removed, your skin looks "tighter." 


This practice is something I have definitely noticed the benefits from - like I always say, it is important to remember this is something I have done on my own body with great success. 


Kris Gethin 

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