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Part 1: How I Dropped 10lbs in 10 Days...

If you are following my 6 Month Comeback Documentary on Health Kik you will know I peaked at a lean 224.8lbs and decided to cut my weight down, to look even leaner. Within 10 days I dropped 10.6lbs, bringing my weight down to 214.2lbs!

**If you have not watched the Comeback Documentary so far, each daily episode is available on Health Kik and I am still uploading new content every day.**


In a 5 part series on the Health Kik blog, I am going to explain some of the things I did to quickly drop over 10lbs and get very lean, in time for my trip away to Vegas. This is very valuable to you because there will be times where you want to lose fat faster, in a relatively short timescale.

In this first installment I will discuss the diet I followed, explaining why.

  • My protein intake dropped to 1g per pound of lean body weight as a means of reducing muscle protein synthesis as a "bio hack", for longer-term health. Reducing protein intake also helped pull my net calories down.


  • The composition of my diet changed, where I would only have carbohydrates in my post-workout shake from Cream of Rice, and then 1.5 cups of sweet potato in the following meal. In the morning I would have a tablespoon of virgin olive oil and one teaspoon of fish oil. In the evening I would have another tablespoon of virgin olive oil. The rest of the meals consisted of lean protein and fibrous veggies. This structure helped boost my insulin sensitivity and reduce my calorie intake, so I was able to drop fat quickly while sustaining high satiety levels!


  • On the weekend where I didn't train, I utilized controlled fasting to further my energy deficit and spend longer in the preprandial phase which forces the body to burn stored energy to survive. Between 2pm and 3pm I would break my fast, consuming two larger meals and one final smaller meal before bed. 

Stay tuned for further information on other hacks I used to quickly drop my fat levels, so I could rock a lean physique in a short space of time! Go and read part 2 of this series on the Health Kik blog now.


Kris Gethin 

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