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Kris Gethin’s Posterior Chain Workout!

Too many people suffer with lower back, shoulder and even knee injuries because they have a very weak posterior chain. Although you might think those who lift weights are strong, many bodybuilders have significant imbalances throughout the posterior chain which are exacerbated by being strong in other areas. In turn this creates a recipe for poor mobility and joint stability which often leads to injury.


Using this posterior chain workout will help plug the gaps and make your body more robust! 


Good Mornings 5 X 10-12 


Single Lying Leg Curls 5 X 10-12 


Incline Bench Trap 3 Raises 5 X 12-15 


Standing Banded Arm Raises Directly Above Head 5 X 12-15 


Seated Cable Face Pulls with Pause 5 X 12-15


All sets are to be done with a 4 second negative, weight is not such a priority in this workout - consider this conditioning for stability rather than an all-out annihilation of the muscles. Keep rest periods to just 45 seconds, so blood remains within the targeted areas.


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Kris Gethin 

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