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Dealing With Extremely Stubborn Belly Fat

Stubborn belly fat, the thing which stands between you having shredded or blurry abs - how do you get rid of it? This is a question I get asked a hundred times per week, this blog is going to give you an extensive explanation as to what you're dealing with and how to overcome it.

Get Very Specific 

Far too many people expect dramatic fat loss results without being accountable for their rate of progress. When I reply to somebody asking me about their subject, I will question how specific they are with their diet, cardio and training - specifically I am referring to their numbers. More often than not I get replies which indicate the person is not consistently tracking their calorie intake, quantifying their cardio or crushing every workout like it is their last.

These are exactly the things you must do in order to rid your body of stubborn belly fat, let me explain why. Body fat which really holds on to your abdomen is there for a reason, it helps protect your organs - this is why fat on your limbs will usually go first when dieting. Therefore, you have got to get very specific in order to lose fat off your stomach, this starts with tracking everything!

This is why the Fat Blast program on Health Kik gives you a very specific nutritional protocol to follow, it is entirely necessary. 

Keep Going

For reasons given above your lower abdomen will almost always hold on to fat for longer than most other areas of your body. This means that being patient and continuing to implement your fat loss protocol is extremely important, you can't forget this. So many people feel they can lose extreme amounts of body fat in a matter of weeks, usually it takes longer - remember patience is key!

Small Details Count

The leaner you get the more small details matter if your goal is to get shredded abs. This means if you drink a latte the extra milk content is a significant "extra." The same goes for sauces, condiments and that extra teaspoon of peanut butter you had. Don't ever allow yourself to excuse the small stuff, collectively this quickly adds up. 

Advanced Thermogenic Techniques


Using advanced techniques to boost thermogenesis may help you get leaner abs if you're dieting, training and doing your cardio. These are things I personally use to great effect.

  • Hot and cold thermogenesis in the shower, going under cold water for 60 seconds, then hot water for 60 seconds. Rotate until you have done this for 6 minutes in total. The aim is to force the body to constantly heat itself up and cool down, in turn stimulating thermogenesis. 

  • Giving yourself a dry body brush to stimulate the lymphatic system, in turn helping it remove toxins and cell waste may help. Personally, I find I look leaner after using this strategy. 


The Fat Blast program on Health Kik has been designed specifically for people who want to maximize their fat loss, getting very lean and muscular in the process. Sustaining a great level of health and mental concentration are also things which have been focused on with the Fat Blast program so you're able to function at an optimal level on a day to day basis. 


Kris Gethin 

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