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Coaching With Kris Gethin: How Does It Work?

After intense demand for years, my VIP online coaching program launched in the Fall of 2019 - as expected, it has been extremely well received with people from around the world! That is the first limitation this service overcomes, geographical location. Something people always ask me is "can I join even though I am not in the USA?" Yes, I have clients in the Middle East, South East Asia, India, Europe and of course America - it does not matter where you live. 


There is a great number of people who ask me things about my VIP online coaching program, so I have decided to create this blog to address all of the frequently asked questions. 


What Do I Get? 


Upon joining the VIP online coaching program you will be sent an in-depth questionniare from me, covering 19 essential points. By completing this you give me the information I require in order to produce a program which is truly tailored to your needs, based on my extensive experience as a transformation specialist! 


Often, I might ask for further information once you send me back the answers to your questionnaire to gather the degree of information I require. This is about getting it absolutely right for your personal needs, I am fastidious about this. 


Once I produce the starting program, every VIP online coaching client will receive the following from me:


- Complete diet program, with outlined meals which have specific weights so I can be sure you're meeting the required protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber and, micronutrient requirements. Not every day looks the same because some days will give your body different demands, therefore the diet must reflect this! It is essential your diet matches your goal, which is what this program guarantees you. 


Obviously, you will be doing some variety of cardiovascular exercise - again, very much dependant on your goal, body composition, timescale to achieve your goal and lifestyle. Some will do the Stairmaster twice a day (or a like for like alternative) in order to burn fat, others will be doing interval based work while some may have a hybrid cardiovascular plan if they want to get aerobically conditioned! 


- Complete weight based training program, specific to your goals. Not everyone wants to build large amounts of muscle, but of course, many do! As your coach, it is my duty to ensure the resistance element of your training program reflects the specific goal you're trying to attain. To give perspective, some of my clients are preparing for a fat bike race in the snowy mountains, others are building muscle, while others are getting shredded. Each goal needs a unique approach for optimal results! 


- Complete supplement plan to follow, which will be entirely dependant on your goals, age, lifestyle, body composition, gender along with a variety of other variables. I am always empathetic of the client's budget when it comes to providing your supplement stack. 


- Full bio hack plan to follow, with the focus on improving health, longevity and results. This is something I consider myself to be extremely experienced in from personal pursuits in this field, while learning off many highly respected experts. 


Once the program is sent, from a private coaching email I give you access to (please don't ever share this with anybody, only clients are allowed this level of personal contact with me!) you then read through it, before sending me any questions you have so I can assist you. 


Does It Matter How Long I Have Trained For?


No is the short answer.


All that matters is you give me the information I ask for in the questionnaire, so I can create a program which is absolutely specific to your needs! If you have not trained for that long or at a high level, don't let that put you off.


Many of my clients come to for expert advice which they have previously missed - this process won't just get you amazing results, it will teach you a great deal. Even those with extensive training and nutrition experience walk away from my VIP online coaching program with lots of new knowledge, which benefits them forever more. 


How Long Is The Program? 


12 weeks, although some people will immediately opt-in for 6 months and sometimes up to 12 months. 


You can express to me the time frame you would like at the start. Obviously, your starting position and goals you're aiming for will partially dictate how long we need. 


What Results Can I Expect To Achieve? 


Each person is unique, but if you can guarantee me you will do exactly as I say for the program, I can guarantee you will get incredible results. 


This is a two way process, your effort is essential, in the same way my expertise are. Together, they combine to deliver head turning results. 


My transformations go way deeper than aesthetic changes as well, there is a massive emphasis on improving your health, longevity and quality of life. My biological age is far younger than my actual age, due to these practises - I am to help you adopt the same approach! 


What Is The Cost?


The price is only given upon request, once you have decided you're serious about exploring this program.


It is not cheap because this program is very exclusive (due to demand) and highly impactful. This is ONLY for people who are ready to make change!


How Do I Enquire About Signing Up? 


Email to enquire. Please *ONLY* do this if you are serious and truly ready to seek change - I have so many people enquire who are not prepared to commit, or follow the program as I suggest. I don't want to waste my time and I don't want you to waste yours either! 


Kris Gethin 

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