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Can You Really Build Muscle and Burn Fat Simultaneously

The short answer to this question is YES, I have done it for years and millions of people who have followed my content have done the same. Still, the haters will say this is not possible without the use of steroids. Believe me, this is bulls*** and with the correct program you will be able to do both - what most people fail to realize is that they are doing things wrong which means they cannot get these kinds of results! 

There is a myth that to build muscle you must always be in a calorie surplus, this is not necessarily true. If you are able to elicit a strong enough hypertrophic response from intense training, then feed those muscles with sufficient amino acids and other nutrients at the right time you will grow even when in a slight calorie deficit. What you must realize is that the diet does still need to be structured very accurately to achieve this and I cannot emphasize how important training intensity is, along with using the correct supplements. 

There are many other variables as well, including sleep, cortisol control, blue light management, EMF ray exposure, gut efficiency, inflammation suppression, estrogen, and testosterone health along with even more. 

There are still occasions where following a more aggressive muscle gaining diet which puts you in a surplus more frequently makes sense - a great example would be when the ambition is to grow at a faster rate and you're particularly lean already. This is all about putting the correct program into the right context!


Kris Gethin 

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