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Boosting Your "TDEE" In 4 Easy Steps!

Total daily calorie expenditure often referred to as your "TDEE" is made up of tasks such as walking to the car, taking out the trash, going up the stairs and carrying your gym bag. Non-exercise based things which you do every day. Although they may seem insignificant, when dieting people tend to get more lazy because they are tired - therefore they will start to take the lift rather than the stairs, for example. 


Keeping your TDEE up is essential for consistent fat loss, otherwise, you will find you're not burning enough energy. This is also a really easy way to boost fat loss without really trying. Below are 4 easy steps to increasing your TDEE!


#1 Always Take The Stairs 


Whenever you are in a shopping mall or office building, take the stairs. This is such a simple rule but across the day it can really add up, leading to hundreds of extra calories. 


#2 Offer To Help 


Perhaps you don't usually take the trash out, or walk the dog in your household. Offer to help more to increase your activity levels, even if that means going to your neighbour and offering to walk their dog if needed. Do things which increase your activity levels! Committing to help someone else means you are far less likely to opt-out last minute.


#3 Park Further Away 


When you drive somewhere park further away from your destination so you're forced to walk for longer - once you get out you have no choice but to walk. Once you are done, you have no choice but to get back to your car. 


#4 Don't Use The Car 


Whenever possible, choose to walk. Some people will drive 2 miles to a beach to walk. Don't do this, walk there instead, then complete your walk as well. Depending on your location there will probably be examples where you could choose to walk rather than use a vehicle.


**In short, all of these tips involve increasing your daily step count. Give yourself a daily minimum number to hit, I recommend 10-12,000 every single day. If you are low at the end of the day, get outside for a walk!**


If fat loss is your primary goal, I strongly recommend starting with the Fat Blast - start HERE.


Kris Gethin 

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