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4 Ways To Quickly Make Chest Gains!

If you are reading this then the chances are you're struggling to achieve the chest gains you crave, following the 4 steps below you can change that fast. Even if you think you have "tried everything" I can almost guarantee these hacks will change your fortune for the better. Let's go!



If your chest is stubborn the chances are you're struggling to recruit the muscle fibers effectively. To kick-start your workouts and experience better recruitment during the session start with some pre-exhaustion sets. This can be 5-6 sets of non-failure sets, for 12-15 repetitions with just 30-45 seconds between each set - I recommend a machine or cable-based exercise for improved stimulation. Pec-dec, cable cross-overs, and machine chest press are all examples you could use for this purpose.

The aim is to encourage more blood flow into the pecs, get the central nervous system fired up and improve that "feel" with the target muscle.


Isolate More


This is an expansion on the first point, to make a stubborn muscle group grow you must isolate it more efficiently. This will enhance the neurological connection within that muscle, over time leading to more hypertrophy. Regard this as learning to make the pecs work harder, improving your ability to engage them under tension - this is what all the best bodybuilders are able to do. 


Range of motion is worth mentioning here, when training chest don't lock your arms out on pressing movements because this will hit the triceps! 

Go Slow

People get carried away with weight when training chest because bench pressing "big" is almost ingrained into the workout culture. To maximize chest growth you need to slow down your repetition temp to induce more time under tension - this means using a 2-4 second eccentric. The muscle is strongest through the eccentric phase of a repetition so take the opportunity to load up the tension and force growth!

Increased Frequency 


Approximately 4-5 days after your first chest workout I recommend hitting it again with some ancillary work, this can be tagged on to another workout. For example, perform an extra 7-9 sets with 45-60 second rest periods and slow eccentrics. This is about blood volumization and time under tension rather than smashing the muscle! 




If you really want to build muscle rapidly I strongly recommend you start using the Muscle Gainer program on Health Kik. You will have a very specific weekly program, along with nutrition guide to follow which will make building muscle happen faster!


Kris Gethin 

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