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Congratulations on joining my 30 Day SHRED, I am very happy to see you have taken the first step in regaining control and kickstarting your transformation!


This page is specifically here to give you all of the necessary information to partake in this 30 Day SHRED with ease (so keep this link handy).


Step 1: Please download the app “Mighty Networks”. It is also available on desktop but you will want a mobile version on your phone. Next, using the link you were provided in your email (if you cannot find that email search for '30 Day Shred' in your inbox) and join the private community in Mighty Networks. DO NOT search for the group in Mighty Networks, you must use the special link you were given to access the group. It is important you are set with Mighty Networks because this is where you will have the ability to post your questions to me, my Health Kik team and other members to offer input. Furthermore, this is also where you will gain access to my LIVE weekly coaching calls (and the recordings of them if you can't make them in real time).


  • You will find the resources for this 30 Day SHRED, which includes your diet and workouts in the private Mighty Networks group. Make sure to go to Mighty Networks - Groups - Your Group - and scroll down to find the featured post titled “Resources”. For your convenience you can also access that post by clicking HERE. Please take some time to read through this and then complete your grocery shopping, enabling you to be fully prepared for the challenge. 


  • LIVE WORKOUTS are based on our team’s availability and will be led by my Health Kik Leaders. This is a bonus to the shred so look out for the event posts in Mighty Network. 

  • NOTE: If you are doing the home workout training plan make sure to scroll all the way past the gym training section to find your home workouts. 


STEP 2: You need to take Before and After Photos. Before and after photos are great measurements of progress.


During a challenge you should be taking these weekly, even if no one else sees them.

For the sake of this challenge, we are just looking for Before photos and After photos, not weekly progress photos. Before photos should be taken on the first day you start the challenge. After photos should be taken first thing in the morning on the last day of the challenge. Here are some tips to get the best before and after photos:

 1. Show your shape. Form-fitting clothing is best at minimum, but if you really want to see change then a sports bra and shorts for a female is recommended, just shorts for guys is recommended. Challenge yourself to show your stomach! This is where the most change will be visible.

2. Wear the same clothes. Keep in mind that while you may not want to share your photos with anyone (other than Kris!) now, you may want to in the future. Wear something you will feel comfortable sharing with others later.

3. Use a plain wall. Stay away from clutter and mess in the background. We want to see your progress, not your mess!

4. Take a full body photo at eye level. No mirror selfies. Shoot from three angles: front, side, and back. For consistency, always shoot the same side.

5. Use natural light. If that isn’t possible use the best light available, and keep it consistent in your other pictures.

6. Maintain a good posture and recreate the same pose each time.

7. Make sure to validate your before and after photos by holding a newspaper with the day's date next to your photo. Can be a printed or digital newspaper, but the date needs to be VERY CLEAR.



These photos are due at the start of the challenge (DAY 1) and at the end (DAY 29). It is not mandatory to send these in but you will not be eligible to win the challenge prize without them. 

Step 3: If you require any additional support please email - we will endeavor to reply to you within 48 hours (hopefully sooner!). If your question is regarding the program PLEASE post this in the private group. The support email is purely for issues regarding access to the platform, password resets and things of this nature. 


To summarize on the key points:


  • You will find your workout program, nutrition plan and supplement recommendations in the 30 Day SHRED PDF that is in the resources section HERE


  • Please ensure you take your “before” photo within 48 hours of day 1 on the 30 Day SHRED. These must be taken front on, side on and from the back (men topless, women in a swimsuit). Your “after” photos MUST be taken and submitted on the 29th day of the 30 Day SHRED if you want to be considered as a potential winner of the prizes. Failure to do so will mean we can’t count your entry. Upload BEFORE PHOTOS here


  • Please avoid DMing me on social media about the 30 Day SHRED, the private group is specifically there to get my advice and input. My DMs get flooded with messages every day so I might miss yours!


  • Every week my assistant will email you with a time and date for the LIVE coaching calls, as well as the link. If you can’t make the live video, there will be a playback recording uploaded into the private group for your convenience within 48 hours of the LIVE call. 


  • My Health Kik coaches will run a LIVE workout for you to follow, as a form of inspiration and education. You can find them by going to the Events section of Mighty Networks. 


  • PLEASE READ: During the 30 Day SHRED you will have the opportunity to opt-in to the 90 Day Continuation Plan (this includes the 30 Day SHRED Intensifier, 30 Day SHRED Finisher and 30 Day Damage Control V2 program). If you do opt-in to the 90 Day Continuation Plan then you must begin the Intensifer on the Monday which would technically be Day 28/29 of the 30 Day SHRED. If you do NOT opt-in to the 90 Day Continuation Plan, please complete the full 30 days as normal. If you are interested in more info now please email


Good luck! I am looking forward to transforming you. 


Kris Gethin


Video overview of how to use Mighty Networks and where to find all of the resources
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